Visiting Venice on your way home from Albergo Frohsinn, San Cassiano can be a superb end to your ski holiday. Following the cancellation of Easyjet’s Bristol flights on Saturdays, we decided to spend a night in Venice & fly home on Sunday. After searching the internet, we found a very reasonable hotel in Cannaregio on Venice’s main island, “Ai Due Leoni” is located in a quiet residential area just 10 mins walk from St Lucia station.

Our room was clean & spacious with private bathroom & the staff (& resident cat) were really friendly. The restaurant on the nearest corner “Tre Archi” was recommended by the hotel & had superb food at low rates for Venice.

Getting to & from Marco Polo airport into central Venice could not be simpler. A direct bus takes just 25 mins & costs 5.5 Euro return. The bus drops you in Piazzle Roma, from where you can catch water busses or simply stroll through the maze of Venetian streets & squares known as “Campo” (translated meaning gardens).

It’s easy to get a little lost, but you are never far from a sign directing you to San Marco, Rialto or Ferrovia (railway station).

We discovered superb prices on Venetian glass & jewellery in the street near the station “Lista di Spagna”, as well as what must be the cheapest cafe /restaurant on Venice island- “Brek”. We just wished we’d found this earlier, as eating & drinking in Venice can be expensive (check the cover charge & drinks prices before you choose where to eat if you have a budget!).

Piazza San Marco is where most tourists head for, & the basillica is an awesome sight, but it will take at least 45 mins to reach it from Piazzale Roma.

One big tip – wear plenty of warm clothing, Venice can be really cold in winter! We’d come from temperatures of minus 12 in the mountains but even that didn’t prepare us for the biting wind – fortuneately we still had our long johns & hadn’t packed them in the suitcase we left at the Airport’s luggage deposit!