In the Spotlight: Marmolada ‘Queen of the Dolomites’

Standing at an impressive 3309m and  270 million years coming into being, the peaks of Marmolada are the highest in the Dolomites; offering both breathtaking scenery and hours of fun for skiers and snowboarders alike.

Ascending to the peak of Punta Rocca is not an altogether straight forward journey from the valley resort of Arabba, but you’ll be glad you ventured out as soon as you are on the first cable car up from Malga Ciapel.

As you ascend to the summit in series of 3 cable cars you are treated to spectacular panoramic scenery and the arrival at the stunning Marmolada Glacier will quite literally take your breath away – this altitude will test even the fittest of skiers!

Whilst being relatively flat, the glacier offers deep powder off piste potential and the return journey down to Malga Ciapel is a single 12km run of pure downhill adrenaline; a manageable combination of red and blue runs best suited to intermediate snow lovers who are confident skiing reds.

Before you venture into the oh-so-inviting deep powder, you can always take in a bit of culture at the top with a visit to the Museum of Marmolada  (the highest museum in Europe no less..) found at the cable car station on the edge of the glacier. Perched high on the border between Austria and Italy, Marmolada was a bloody mountain front of the First World War with soldiers both hidden deep in tunnels under the glacier and quartered high up on the rocky precipices. Even today, as the glacier retreats, remnants of those fierce battles are unearthed and remind us of the many thousands who died in these icy mountains.

On a more cheery note, the snow conditions are looking as good as ever with ‘packed powder snow’ and another 60cm due tomorrow which will put a smile on the faces of this week’s new arrivals at the Hotel Chalet Diamant in San Martino in Badia. For adventurous skiers a day out at Marmolada is one not to be missed, so whether you’re looking at an affordable short break to lift your winter spirits or at a mid-season special in the Dolomites, get in touch with the team at Mountain Sun..

Look out for our next blog where we’ll be taking you deep into the heart of the Hidden Valley..