Geneva – info for those with time to kill!

I’ve always got to fly from Bristol, and can never get a flight to fit with our set time transfers.  I’ve done the car hire option in the past, which works really well for a short break costing from around £70 for a small car for three days from

This time we decided to spend the night in a hotel near the airport, we chose Ibis at random as another of our guests was staying there.  It worked really well – the Ibis has a shuttle bus which takes just a few minutes from airport to door.  A twin room for the two of us cost approx. £75.  The accommodation was comfortable and clean with a spacious room with en suite facilities (lovely powerful shower!) and we enjoyed a delicious steak and chips meal in the restaurant/bar.

I had time to kill in Geneva on Monday.  I decided to explore Geneva, having visited the airport many times and never seeing the city.  There is a place in the airport train station where you can leave your bags (this was 10 Swiss Francs per item).  A number 10 bus was waiting outside the door of the station and this goes right through the main part of Geneva from one side to the other so you get to see a good bit from the window.  It’s a lovely city, it was a beautiful day and the river side buildings looked fantastic.  I didn’t have much time to kill, but I wandered around a few good shops and noticed lots of enticing looking restaurants of all kinds, with tables out on the street giving the place a lively atmosphere.  I caught a train back to the airport, it took about 5 minutes.

Information on left luggage and other airport facilities available at

In Geneva Airport.

I was delighted to see the facilities in Geneva airport once through departures much improved from last year.  They’ve pulled out the drab restaurant serving stale sandwiches and sloppy school like dinners, and a large new self service restaurant has replaced it with a great choice of food.  Choices include an Italian section with fresh pastas and baking delicious pizzas, an oriental section stir frying various fresh dishes to order and a Swiss section serving various options of meats, vegetables, potatoes, etc.  I also noticed a grand looking seafood bar. It made it a much more pleasant place to wait for a flight, and it looked as though there was more to come as some boards were still up covering continuing work.

Joanne Barraclough