About Us

We specialise in accommodation in prime skiing locations. Our chalets are in the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites.

We are staffed by keen skiers and snowboarders with the aim of delivering great value to our guests. We take pride in providing a high level of service and many of our guests return to stay at our chalets again and again.
Mountainsun Ltd was formed in 2002 and we spent 15 years developing our business. In September 2017 we re-structured Mountainsun Ltd and now operate as two companies, Mountainsun France Ltd and Dolomitesun Ltd. This change has enabled us to improve services to our guests, with more effective focus on individual localities. Both companies continue to work in friendly co-operation to provide the quality chalet stays for which we have become renowned and aspirations remain unchanged.

Robert Jaffe


Robert first worked in the Italian Dolomites nearly 50 years ago as resort manager for the founder of the chalet holiday concept Small World Holidays. He continued to be involved in the ski industry throughout his working life, both providing accommodation for chalet holidays, and in retailing and renting equipment.

Robert loved skiing and being in the mountains and wanted everyone to share his enjoyment. He was the force behind the creation of Mountainsun Ltd in 2002 and worked tirelessly to provide people with memorable holidays until he sadly passed away in April 2014. His enthusiasm and innovative ideas have contributed greatly to making positive changes within the whole ski industry and he believed strongly that skiing should be something to be enjoyed by all, not just the wealthy. He is sorely missed by all who knew him and those of us who worked with him at Mountainsun will carry on his legacy in a way which we hope would have made him proud.